iTrust – Access Control and Intrusion Detection

$1,699.00 $1,500.00

  • Each controller runs 2 doors
  • Allows for use of pin codes
  • No external server
  • No licensees required
  • Minimal training
  • Quick start and other documents embedded on each controller Remote access for future upgrades, fixes and maintenance 1.6 amp lock power available per controller
  • System-wide Lock Down
  • System management and control over Internet power
  • Smart phone and tablet friendly E-mail event notifications
  • Holiday Schedules
  • System management levels
  • Built-in Standard Reports
  • 30 second new card enrollment
  • POE+
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iTRUST is highly evolved amongst a short list of other IP-based access control systems and differentiates itself by being very easy to install, use and afford. We call this the iTRUST Experience.

The iTRUST Experience increases the comfort level for both the end user (ease of use based on computer experience) and the security installer (ease of installation based on networking capabilities). iTRUST is designed with the latest access control technology for quick implementation and is the clear choice for all integrators serving organizations that are searching for a proven security system that is affordable, end-user friendly, easy to install and maintain.

There are no software license fees which allows integrators the opportunity to implement their own service agreement with the end user creating RMR (Recurring Monthly Revenue).

iTRUST keeps access control simple, modern and inexpensive by focussing on select key industry features and standards ensuring functionality, reliability and true access security


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