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About us and monitor dynamics

Located right around the corner from our office. We have worked with Monitor Dynamics as the Leader of Unified Access & Intrusion for the past 13 years. Integrating and assisting Monitor Dynamics on Several High Profile sites. From High Level Integration with Camera Systems such as Milestone, and there Award winning FICAM Product. To Testing, Research and Development, and Training. We have a very close relationship with Monitor Dynamics holding several certifications from Administration, Training, Operators, and basic use of their fabulous security products. No one does Intrusion and Access as good as Monitor Dynamics does. Their award winning products have been based off of government needs and regulations since 1979. They were the first to do Intrusion and Access, and it shows in their product. Please visit the Monitor Dynamics Website for more information on there products by clicking their image above. Or contact them by simply filling out the form below.